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Who is Craig Nabat?

Craig Nabat decided at a very young age that entrepreneurship was going to be his life path. Nabat’s marketing mind began in childhood where he usually found himself more fascinated watching and studying TV commercials for how marketers creatively advertised and motivated consumers to buy their products or services. These commercials fascinated him much more than watching the popular television sitcoms of the day, and it was even difficult for Craig to watch television programs for entertainment value. Early on Nabat viewed and continues to view the world from a psychological, marketing and advertising perspective.

Nabat was always thinking about starting a business even as early on as 10 years old. Early business startups were selling Pop Rocks & Rock Candy for a profit to the kids at elementary school or selling fireworks like Bottle Rockets, Roman Candles, and Black Cat firecrackers to the neighborhood kids. In high school, Craig established a car detailing business servicing the local community at the age of 15, as well as securing accounts with major auto dealerships and auto body collision shops to restore the condition of vehicles after they had been in accidents.

Many years later while attending college at Arizona State University, Craig had taken up television commercial acting courses and would later go on to appear in a number of local TV commercials. This on-camera training would assist his business immensely later on in his career. Also, to earn money as a student, Craig peddled original and comical college branded t-shirts dorm to dorm, which served to be one of the greatest sales experience. It was a challenging way to sell product, since no one likes to answer the door to someone selling anything. From this experience Nabat learned on how to quickly pitch the benefits of a product and turn an instantaneous no response…into a yes.

Nabat moved back to Detroit for a few years to complete his college education. During his final semester at Michigan State University, Nabat began to read every business and motivational book to gain as much knowledge as possible to pursue his dream of becoming a famous entrepreneur. The book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” has been the road map for how he conducts his day to day business.

Craig started a business venture with an intense, brilliant and close high school friend. The two created a fundraiser advancing large inventories of pepper gas, a personal protection spray, to chapters of sorority girls nationwide. The girls ultimately sold the pepper gas key chain spray where it became a successful nationwide fundraiser.

While still working on this new business venture his entrepreneurial friend urged Craig to convert their fundraising business into an import export company. From running this new trading company Craig learned how to locate, purchase and sell surplus inventories of used flannel clothing that they shipped to Russia, as well as used computers to South America. That same year it seemed as if business owners were just starting to transition from using faxes to relying on computer emails to conduct their businesses. The possibilities for global distribution seemed endless to him. Nabat quickly realized manufacturing, marketing and distribution was the business he really desired to be in, and that’s when his decision was made to finally develop his brain-child the FINDIT Key Finder.

Having the product idea originally at the age 19, it took him until 23 to begin the seven year FINDIT product development journey. Nabat was relentless to get his idea developed and marketed. At 25, Nabat fearlessly traveled to the Far East to meet with a Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacture to discuss manufacturing his product idea. Prior to this, hundreds of thousands of dollars in family investments helped Craig assembled a network of brilliant engineers, manufacturers, and graphic designers to help with domestically designing the FINDIT Key Finder, but the teams’ valiant effort did not produce a sellable unit for the mass market. Working with an Asian based manufacturing company became a necessity to get this FINDIT key finder concept off the ground.

Little did Craig know that his well thought-out search for an Asian based manufacture would change the course of the rest of his business career, and a 16-year partnership was formed bringing innovative new electronic consumer products and services to market. Following through on his vision provided Nabat with a professional career in manufacturing and marketing that he could have only dreamed about. Craig’s uninhibited desire to follow through on his visions led him to realize his dream of bringing the FINDIT Key Finder product idea from thought to reality. FINDIT was sold in nationwide mail order catalogs and Nabat appeared pitching the device of QVC, short form infomercials, FINDIT retail packaging, and retail store displays. Now his new product ideas could actually come to fruition working directly with a manufacture. His ideas many times were something family and friends would shake their heads at in disbelief as they would say, “What are you doing now?”

Nabat has always been passionate about helping people and when he quit smoking cigarettes in Canada by using a low-level laser therapy treatment, his business-mind changed gears. Once Craig broke his pack and half a day smoking habit using laser therapy, he decided it would be one of his life’s missions to help people quit smoking and aimed at freeing the world from nicotine addiction.

Amazed at the ease of quitting smoking with this stop smoking laser therapy method, Nabat became determined to bring this laser technology to the US, especially to Los Angeles to assist Hollywood’s elite in breaking their nicotine addictions. In April 2003 he established Freedom Laser Therapy, a quit-smoking laser therapy clinic and shortly thereafter moved from Detroit to Los Angeles. With Nabat’s keen marketing savvy, he knew by establishing his headquarters in trend setting Los Angeles he could utilize all the Los Angeles based media outlets and celebrities to educate the public that there was now a pain-free method to quit smoking that is intended to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nabat strategically positioned his company and used his marketing savvy & PR background to gain the attention of local, national, and international media outlets to spread the word……Word traveled very quickly making Freedom Laser Therapy one of the leaders globally of the quit smoking laser therapy industry.

Craig is an expert contributor for celebrity internet blogger Perez Hilton's fitperez.com, where he answers weekly questions from his readers about smoking. He is thrilled with the opportunity of educating millions of people on how to quit smoking for good and deterring young adults from picking up the deadly habit in the first place.

Freedom Laser Therapy educates celebrities on how smokers can break nicotine addiction.

Freedom makes no claim that people seen in this video have used our quit smoking program.

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