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Freedom Quit Smoking System -
America's Nicotine Free & Natural Way to Quit!

Nabat’s exceptional marketing concepts led to his quit smoking clinics receiving thousands of phone calls and emails from around the nation and internationally. Nabat become interested in making this light therapy technology available to the masses and knew a home device was essential. With Nabat’s vast knowledge of the quit smoking industry and low-level Light Technology he developed the Freedom Quit Smoking System. The Freedom Quit Smoking System focuses on the physical, psychological, detoxification and educational aspects of assisting cigarette smokers and tobacco chewers to remain free from nicotine. The Freedom Quit Smoking System is all natural and contains no nicotine!

The Freedom Relaxation Headset technology is a combination of tranquil music and light emitting diodes intended to promote a feeling of relaxation in the mind and body. The Light Emitting Diode scientific research was originally pioneered by Nasa. Visible light waves at a specific spectrum and frequency have been shown by numerous studies to increase oxygen and produce a therapeutic effect for the body.

freedom quit smoking system

The Freedom Quit Smoking System will be mass distributed to corporations nationwide. A bulk rate Corporate Smoking Cessation Program is available to assist businesses in saving money, increasing productivity, and improving the health and well being of their employees. freedomquitsmoking.com

iRestore Hair Laser™ -
World’s first hands free home use treatment for thinning hair

After the success of launching Freedom Laser Therapy, Nabat became even more intrigued with how lasers could help people in other ways. Through his business contacts, he befriended a business owner that had a chain of Los Angeles based hair loss treatment clinics, which offered a similar low-level laser procedure, but it assisted with hair restoration. The pain free laser procedure increases hair density & thickness, in addition to stopping the progression of hair loss. He was excited to learn about this new laser treatment process, Nabat was a little shocked when he first discovered the enormous size of the clinic hair laser units, and the actual $4,000 price tag for 12-months of hair restoration treatments. These clinic laser hair therapy devices looked similar to an old fashioned doomed shaped salon hair dryer.

While always thinking creatively and constantly seeking out how to make consumer products more simplistic, Nabat began a 3-year quest researching how to develop a personal use hair restoration laser device for the home. Nabat had personal experience with hair transplants surgery and knew he would face going through the transplant procedure again in the future, based on the process of how male pattern baldness occurs. His latest venture is the iRestore Hair Laser, the world’s first hands-free home use laser hair therapy treatment to combat hair loss. This device helps promote thicker fuller healthier looking hair. The first distribution of the iRestore Hair Laser occurs in November 2011. Also, the iRestore Facial Light has been developed to promote the reduction of wrinkles and will follow shortly thereafter the launch of the iRestore Hair Laser. irestorehairlaser.com

FINDIT Key Finder™ - Never lose your keys again!

The FINDIT is the highest quality, most innovative and easy-to-use locating device on the market today. FINDIT attaches via key ring, adhesive strip, or magnets to any of your commonly lost household items such as keys, remote controls, eyeglass cases, pill boxes, makeup bags, video games, toys, canes, or anything you tend to misplace. Just Press, Listen, & FINDIT. This revolutionary device responds through walls, purses, drawers, and sofa cushions up to 60 feet away!

Since 1993, Nabat invested $1 million to bring the original and new & improved FINDIT Key Finders® to market for people just like him who constantly misplace their keys.

On so many occasions he found himself frustrated looking for his car keys. Prior to creating the product, he thought about developing the concept daily; the process of turning an idea into a reality became an obsession for Craig. He dedicated a considerable part of his young adult life developing & marketing the FINDIT ®. At all costs personally and financially, he wanted to see his vision through. This invention began Craig’s introduction into the infomercial industry, which is professionally known as the direct response industry. It is safe to say bringing the FINDIT Key Finder to market shaped Craig’s life. ambitiousideas.com

Craig Nabat's FINDIT Key Finder

FRESHCLOZ™ -The Refreshing Solution to Garment Care

FreshCloz was a 2010 business venture, it is a new revolutionary device that uses Ozonic Technology™. FreshCloz generates Ozone and Circulates the O3 through garments eliminating odors, neutralizing germs and bacteria, which cause bad odors. Using FreshCloz saves on dry cleaning bills, laundry costs, and preserves your favorite clothes. Use for Dresses, Coats, Suits, Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Shirts, pillows and so much more!

Freshens, Deodorizes and helps kill germs. FreshCloz reduces expensive dry cleaning visits, removes odors like cigarette smoke, perfume and perspiration, and confidently wear your favorite outfits again! freshcloz.com

freshCloz makes clothes clean and fresh

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