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Celebrity product placement is one of the highest influential marketing channels you can consider. Sometimes it is obvious and at times it is subtle. Celebrity product placement is a concept successfully used by marketers for several decades. People today know the products and brands they see in TV series and films are there for a cause. The marketers have actually paid the producers for their products to be shown. Film product placement and celebrity placement for film work wonders for the marketers. The message is so subtle, yet so powerful. People feel like wearing the kind of watches that the hero wears and the kind of car the heroine drives.

Same thing can happen in media too. If you see a celebrity photograph in a newspaper, or a magazine, you are likely to take a closer look at their dressing, fashion accessories, watch, ornaments, etc. And, you will feel like owning them. Well, you may not be like everyone else. However, most people are gullible and they like to get the exact kind of jewelry, watches, cars, soft drinks, etc that they see the celebrities enjoying. That is celebrity product placement in work. With meticulous planning and efficient implementation, you can see your products in the hands of celebrities.

A gift suite is a location where several companies give products to celebrities in exchange for the celebrity taking a photo with the product or on a red carpet while standing in front of a press wall displaying company logos. Gifting suites are a powerful marketing tool used by companies for the purpose of celebrity product placement.

Companies which are trying to build brand recognition or maintain a premier position in the market like to be associated with celebrities and other persons with significant social status. Fans of a celebrity are likely to look favorably on products or services associated with that person, therefore products and services associated with a celebrity have the ability to drastically grow their customer base by simply associating their brand with the right people.

Most gifting suites take place in Hollywood during award weeks. The primary awards shows are the Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. During the week before these shows, there are often up to ten gifting suites. During other award weeks like the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild awards and the VMAs there will also be gifting suites, but they are typically fewer and with less products for the celebrities. There are several organizations which provide gifting services as a marketing tool for companies around the world.

Red carpet photos from various gifting suites can be found online on Getty Images, Wire Image and Daily Celeb.

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