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Craig Nabat
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• Marketing & Branding Expert • Socialpreneur
• Inventor • Creative Director
• Consumer Products Manufacturer & Marketer • Marketing Consultant
• As Seen on TV Products • Infomercial Production
• Personal Use Medical Device Developer • Executive Producer
• Nicotine Addiction Specialist • Quit Smoking Expert
• Anti-smoking Advocate • A Guy with Big Ideas

Craig Nabat

As the Founder and President of Ambitious Ideas, Inc. and Freedom Laser , Inc., Craig Nabat is the visionary establishing the mission for his innovative companies. Each company was conceptualized out of Craig’s passion to make peoples’ lives easier. Nabat’s personality is that of a true entrepreneur driven to take just about any good idea and turn it into a reality. Early on in his business career, media outlets labeled his fascinating career path as “the one to watch” and it appears they were right.

As a marketing & branding expert and consumer electronic product developer, Nabat has developed and brought to market numerous consumer electronic innovations such as the FINDIT- Key Finder for locating lost keys, FreshCloz -The Refreshing Solution to Garment Care utilizing Ozonic Technology, The Freedom Quit Smoking System™ - America's Nicotine Free & Natural Way to Quit!, the iRestore Hair Laser for hair restoration, and soon the iRestore Facial Light for skin rejuvenation. His fascination with low-level laser therapy technology has led Craig to invent and manufacture, market, and distribute new consumer electronic products using laser & LED optical technologies for cosmetic and health care.

Over the years, Craig’s business focus has evolved from inventing the newest electric gadget or creating the next million dollar business venture, to the development of revolutionary and high quality home use health, beauty, and wellness products, previously only found at exclusive medical clinics and spas. In addition to new product development, Nabat has used his PR, marketing, and branding wisdom to strategically develop and market media careers for professionals and business owners.

Nabat’s introduction to the laser therapy industry occurred accidentally. Craig formally a Detroit, Michigan native broke his nicotine addiction in late 2002, after traveling to Canada to receive a 30-minute non invasive and pain free laser treatment. Impressed by this easy method of quitting smoking, he became driven to transition his career from an ambitious Entrepreneur to a Social Entrepreneur, tackling an important cause of helping addicted smokers break nicotine addiction, creating healthier lives, and motivating his clients to make better lifestyle choices.

Established in April 2003, his company, Freedom Laser , freedomlasertherapy.com has treated 10,000+ individuals using low-level lasers desiring to quit smoking. Freedom Laser is recognized as one of the world’s most well-known quit smoking clinics. Nabat’s marketing efforts brought global attention to the non invasive and pain free laser therapy technology, which is intended to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The compassionate and dedicated Freedom company has received notoriety for its comprehensive and innovative nicotine addiction treatment program. Internationally, Freedom Laser has established licensed clinics in Peru and Malaysia.

Hundreds of news outlets have featured Craig for being an anti-smoking advocate and nicotine addiction expert. His passion for assisting smokers in breaking their smoking addiction has contributed to him becoming a media & TV personality. In addition to the marketing of his own products and services, Craig has produced short and long form infomercials for his companies and other businesses, such as a Los Angeles based credit repair company and a leading laser hair therapy clinic. Craig’s Ambitious Ideas company develops inventors patent pending or patented products from their basic prototype and rapidly transforms the concept into a production intent model and utilizes his years of experience in manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Craig is also expanding his commitment to help our environment and humanity by developing low-tech and high-tech products designed to save water, energy, and plastic. Nabat has aligned Ambitious Ideas with some of the brightest Ecopreneurs in the country; an exciting water conservation project is being launched at the end of 2013.

In May 2013, Freedom Laser launched the at home Freedom Quit Smoking System™ for smokers who want to quit . Smokers everywhere can now benefit from Freedom's unique quit smoking program which focus on the physical and psychological aspects of overcoming nicotine addiction. 

Nabat’s contemporaries are attracted to him for his strong entrepreneurial spirit, aggressive & unorthodox marketing ideas, innovative PR development strategies, and ambitious business goals. His companies have been profiled by countless news organizations; Nabat himself has been interviewed by hundreds of top news and radio outlets, and he has appeared on the covers on magazines including Entrepreneur Start Ups Magazine for being voted as one of the top 11 Sexiest Entrepreneurs and Opportunity World Magazine.

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